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The Lilfairtrade Shop
Labour Behind the Label Trust
The Lilfairtrade Shop
The Lilfairtrade Shop

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1073 days ago, The Lilfairtrade Shop created this page and gave everything for Labour Behind the Label Trust:

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My Story

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

Six Items Challenge 2017

Hello and Assalaam Alaikum (peace and blessings) everyone,

Thank you for dropping by.

So here I am for the sixth consecutive year participating in the Six Items Challenge with Labour Behind The Label.

This year the challenge commences 1 March - 24 April 2017.
Six Items Challenge 2017

Six Items Challenge 2016

Six Items Challenge 2012-2015

Why I'm here?

I have decided to participate and support the Six Items Challenge for the sixth year because I started to campaign for garment and factory workers while caring for my mother who had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

The six items challenge means I choose six items of clothing to wear for six weeks. Don't worry! This does not include under garments or exercise gear. You can wear an endless supply of these. :) 

For my challenge I've decided to wear one glamourous outfit as prescribed by my mother, a plainer everyday cotton Pakistani traditional costume and a hand embroidered cotton kameez (long blouse) and trousers designed and created by a young lady called Yasmeen.

I interviewed Yasmeen at the Ra'ana Liaquat Craftmans Colony, Karachi, Pakistan during March 2015. Yasmeen is originally from Balochistan and is determined to raise the profile of Balochi traditional embroidery. I am honoured to support her and her business.

This year I hope to design a clothes range in memory of my beautiful mother Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano and support fair trade certified cotton farmers and ethical producers.

It's been a difficult 9 months grieving for MUM.

I believe she would have been happy and proud of me to continue my campaigning for the millions of countless individuals producing clothes and accessories in factories and workshops around the world.

Hopefully by the end of the Six Week Challenge I would have educated a few people and raised a few pounds/dirhams.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a term the fashion industry uses to entice consumers to purchase new trends, products and accessories every six to eight weeks.

Most of the products are cheap, poor quality and mass produced by workers in sweat shops around the world.
Workers in many cases are under age children who endure long hours to support their families.

Many are as young as 14 are the only bread winners and often forfeit the chance of a decent education and future.

What can ''YOU'' do?

Every little helps and your donation will provide Labour Behind The Label the opportunity to raise awareness about the rights of factory workers and improve their wages and working conditions.

A Living Wage is a Human Right.

To read more about Labour Behind The Label and their campaigns please click on the link below.

If you feel inspired, sign up and take the challenge with me.
Think twice when out and about conducting that much needed retail therapy.

Do you really need that skirt, blouse, dress, shoes, bags?

Could you purchase an ethical alternative that supports artisans, doesn't exploit animals and protects the environment?

IF the answers are yes than find out where the shops are in your local area.

Do you have a creative streak? Why not upcycle that old blouse, dress or jacket you just can't throw away.

Take up sewing or enrol on a fashion design course at your local college maybe even invite a friend or two.

Alternatively, if like me you like a good bargain, how about walking down to your local charity shop, visit your local car boot sale or donate your clothing to organisations who support millions without adequate clothing.

A recent survey indicated that American consumers throw away 68 pounds of clothing in their lifetime. Clothes and accessories that take years to decompose in landfills.

Why not host ''The True Cost'' a documentary showcasing fast fashion and the treatment of garment workers around the world and organise a clothes swap.

Why wait? Start an ethical conscious consumer, support garment workers, fairtrade and ethical producers receive a decent living wage and good working conditions.
Thank you for reading.

Warmest regards and love
Sabeena X

Fair Trade Nomad and Optimist for Change

Thank You

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Six Items Challenge 2017

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